Whatever boiler or gas appliance you have, yearly servicing is recommended. In most cases if you have a new boiler installed with more than one year’s warranty, the manufacturer will only guarantee the boiler if you have it serviced annually (this is to ensure that the boiler is still safe to use and to maximise the life of your boiler).

A typical service usually involves:

  • A visual inspection of the appliance, looking for signs of incomplete combustion, and flue siting
  • Cleaning the appliance
  • Performance testing
  • Efficiency tests
  • Emissions test
  • Checking gas rate of the appliance
  • Cleaning of external components (MagnaClean)

What separates us from some of our competitors?

When servicing a boiler / gas appliance, as well as carrying out all the standard checks, as listed above, we also offer the additional service of a gas test on all pipework and appliances to the property at no extra cost. We will also provide you with a test report for each appliance we service and gas test. Please feel free to use the links below to view samples of these reports.

Sample Report 1 | Sample Report 2 | Sample Report 3


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