If you find that the bottoms of your radiators are cold then your boiler system could be affected by debris in the system. It is common in most old systems and can make your boiler less efficient and in some cases can cause blockages and flow restrictions.

Symptoms that indicate that your system may need a power flush include:

  • Cold spots at bottoms of radiators
  • A noisy boiler
  • Boiler reaching maximum temperature too quickly
  • The heating system is slow to warm to optimum requirement
  • Component failure (e.g. pumps, zone valves etc.)
  • Blockages in pipework

Power flushing the system can prevent this and is now a common method used by heating engineers, as all boiler manufacturers specify a flushing procedure be carried out to validate the warranty.

When jet flushing we use products such as Sentinel Deposit Remover to clean the entire system: the boiler, radiators and cylinder coils – this will improve the efficiency of the central heating system and help to prolong the life of the boiler.

A typical power flushing procedure carried out by our team would be:

  • Water mains flush system, isolating the boiler and  flushing each radiator
  • Replenish heating system and run to low heat
  • Isolate boiler and radiators-power flush each individual radiator with chemical cleaner
  • Drain system
  • Water mains flush system again, targeting individual sections
  • Drain, add inhibitor, replenish system
  • Run system to temperature

Additional products are available to add to the system to aid in the maintenance of a cleaner system, for example inhibitors and MagnaClean filter systems, each of which are highly recommended. Please use the link below or contact us for more details



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