With gas tariffs going up, people are taking more proactive measures to cut their energy bills. If you have any of the following this could contribute to increasing your fuel bills:

  • No lagging or insufficient sized lagging on pipe work
  • No room thermostat or weather compensator to regulate the building temperature
  • No thermostatic radiator valves
  • Insufficient lagging on any hot water tanks / heating pipes
  • A continuous dripping hot water tap

With any service or breakdown we can offer upon request a survey and recommendation service to help you with any of the above.

Some useful tips

To help run your system economically why don’t you try some of these tips:

  • Turn your room thermostat on to a temperature you find comfortable and not up to the maximum setting
  • Install a setback programmable room thermostat which will change the temperature setting at chosen times
  • Think about changing to an A-rated energy efficient boiler
  • Power flush the heating system, targeting any debris in system