Over the years we have been contacted by home owners and businesses complaining about new appliances that have been fitted by others but are not working as they should. Some of these problems are potentially dangerous and others leave the system working at well below its potential.

Here are some examples of issues we have encountered and resolved:

  • Appliances not installed to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Appliance warranties / certifications / benchmarks incomplete which may void the warranty
  • Appliances not registered with the appropriate governing body i.e. Gas Safe
  • Systems that have been wired incorrectly
  • Heating components not fitted correctly
  • Incorrectly fitted or undersized gas pipework
  • Incorrectly piped unvented hot water cylinders
  • Boiler flues incorrectly fitted
  • Poorly designed heating systems

If you have experienced any such problems with substandard workmanship, why not contact us. We can carry out any alterations necessary and get your appliances working to their full potential.